Hair Textures

There are no identical waves, curls or coils, and that is exactly what makes hair so exciting! Playing with wigs in different textures will keep things interesting, giving you a different look every time, so read on to find out the features of the most popular hair types and choose your favorite:


With an extra smooth texture, straight hair reflects the most shine, is super-resilient but difficult to curl. Ideal for silky straight hair styles and sophisticated looks.


Boasting a definite S-shape, curly hair is full bodied and can get quite frizzy in a humid climate. This temperamental type boasts defined ringlets that flow luxuriously from root to tip.


Deep curly hair is springy, well defined, and has a tight natural curl. This texture has a lot of body and can range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews. Ideal for playful, young styles.


This texture is known for its loose curls that result in a beautiful S-letter shape. Being extremely versatile and feminine, the body wave is very popular. With lots of natural volume, it can be straightened or worn in its natural state.


With a tightly coiled texture, kinky hair is pretty delicate. Every strand has a zig zag pattern and is very wiry, with a spiral circumference close to that of a crochet needle. This hair type may shrink up to 75% of its actual length and provides an exotic look.



Hair Types

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